Drupal Theming Course


Edited articleDrupal theming course for web designers. Drupal makes use of a advance theming system that allows web designers to implement any theme they desire for their Drupal site. 

Drupal Theming Course

Cost: R8,800 (ex vat)

This is a two day course and covers the following topics:

Day 1

  • Overview of Drupal theming system
    • render api - what it means for themers,
  • Basic theme installation,
  • Tools
    • firebug
  • Built in Theming functions,
  • 3rd party modules theming functions,
  • Theming engines,
  • Theme templates,

Pen and paper 2Day 2

  • Extending a theme,
  • Creating a new theme,
  • Advanced themes
    • Omega theme
    • Bootstrap,
  • Using themes with View module,

Course Requirements

Delegates should be familiar with html and css.