Drupal Boot Camp

This is a 4 days course which is a combination of the "Content Editors" and the "System Administrators" courses. The cost for this course is R16,500 (ex vat).

Drupal Boot Camp Training

To enroll please download the enrollment form and fax back to us on 011-781 8015.

Day 1

  • The Drupal user interface,
  • Content types,
  • Input formats,
  • Revision information,
  • Adding, editing and deleting content,
  • Publishing content,

Day 2

  • Comment settings,
  • URL path settings,
  • SEO  techniques,
  • Blogs and forums

  Day 3

  •  Installing, setting up and configuring a Drupal site,
  •  Find your way around the vast array of Drupal settings with  ease,
  •  Deal with security issues, users, and access control
  •  Control and manage your site's content 

  Day 4

  • Add and work with modules to enhance your website’s functionality,
  • How themes alter the site layout, design, and presentation
  • Deploy, manage, and maintain your website The course includes lunch and text book for students.