Drupal Module Development Training

Drupal 7 API training for module developers. A Drupal Module developer is a PHP developer who wishes to write new or customise existing Drupal module to provide functionality that is not standard in Drupal or cannot be added by using a 3rd party module.

Cost: R 10,500 (ex vat)

Download the enrollment form here. Fill out and fax back to us on 011-781 8015 to book your course.

This is a three day course that covers the following areas:

Day 1:

  • A developer's overview of important Drupal concepts and APIs, like nodes, menus, and forms,
  • Using Drupal tools for module development,PHP developers learning drupal module development
  • Drupal menu system,
  • Creating a new module from scratch,

Day 2:

  • Harnessing the power of the Drupal hook system,
  • Using key Drupal functions,
  • Performing database operations

Day 3:

  • Writing module installers and uninstallers
  • Interacting with the theme system to build crisp layouts
  • Creating richer user interfaces with Drupal's JavaScript libraries