What is Drupal - A Presentation Made to the South Africa Department of Science and Technology

Tue, 2009-09-01 08:39 -- admin

The South African government has adopted a policy to foster the use of Free and Open Source software within government and in South Africa in general. As part of this effort we worked with Floss.pro founder Karl Fischer to deliver a presentation on the Drupal Content Management System to IT support and web developers at the Department of Science and Technology. I would like to thank Karl Fischer for the providing us with such a great opportunity to help grow FLOSS in South Africa.

This presentation is aimed at giving people a quick overview of the features and capabilities of Drupal. The presentation has been edited to fit in with YouTube's 10 minute limit policy. In particular the live demonstration of Drupal has been removed to cut the presentations time down to 20 minutes.

Drupal Part -1


Drupal - Part 2