Drupal Training - The Forgotten Phase in Your Drupal Project Plan

Thu, 2011-04-14 22:11 -- admin

Drupal training is an importat part of any Drupal migration or implementation project. It is true that Drupal is a powerful and flexible system that provide a great platform for integration and customisation. But it is also true that Drupal has a steep learning curve and staff need to have the right skills to fully exploit its power.

Drupal Training Covers Developers, Administrators, Designers and Content Creators

When a company decides to base its solution on Drupal there are a variety of training needs that arise for the various types of roles that staff may have. There are technical training requirements for your developers who will be maintaining and extending the solution after implementation. Typically these will be your PHP developers.

Drupal Designers' Training

Your web designers will need to know how to theme Drupal to ensure that corporate identity and brand guidelines are adhered to.

System Administrators' Training

Then there are your system administrators who will need to update, patch and maintain the Drupal install. There task include installing Drupal, deploying modules and migrating changes from development to production system. In some cases they may need to maintain multi-site installs with shared database tables. User management and spam control are other significant tasks of the system administrator.

Content Editors Training

Last there are your content creators who need to know how to create, edit and delete content. The section editor will also need to know how to create new content types and will need to develop policy to restrict who can do what when it comes to creating content.