Drupal my CMS of choice

Thu, 2009-07-23 19:28 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Drupal is my favorite CMS so far, it has more advanced and rich features compared to other CMS. Drupal can be customized to one's particular needs and wants. People may like other CMSs that are simple and easy to install but No can do!!!

Once mastered Drupal, you will find out that it has a simplified admin interface and learning it was a worthwhile experience. Yes, Drupal has a steep learning curve, i admit it. But allow me to say, If you are not using on Drupal CMS, then you dont know what you are missing.

Below are Highlights and some unique features of Drupal:

1. Drupal Taxonomy – Drupal’s way of categorizing content is just marvelous. This is important for anyone creating content rich websites.
2. User Management – User roles and access control is so much easier to manage and maintain using Drupal. It makes multi-user websites easy to create rather than a pain in the neck.
3. Rich and advanced Admin Interface - Though I admitted that the learning curve is steep, Drupal found a way to just make things more simple.
4. Built In Blog – The blog feature that’s built in to Drupal is very easy to use and customize.
5. Drupal has a built in feature- SEO Friendly URL’s – This is a good feature for search engine optimization.
6. Web Forms Plugin – This is a terrific plugin that I suggest you use. Just do a search for it on the Drupal.org website. Let’s you create as many of your own customized forms as you need. Very easy to use and very comprehensive.
7. Page Title Plugin – A plugin that EASILY allows you to customize each pages Page Title. An absolute must for search engine optimization.
8. Ubercart – A cool shopping cart you will find for any content management system period.
9. Social Networking – Drupal makes for a fantastic easy to setup
social network.
10. Meta Tags Plugin - A fantastic plugin allowing you to create custom meta keywords and more importantly descriptions for each page.