Drupal Training - Fundamentals to Advanced

Drupal Training by S.A's leading Drupal training company. We have been a drupal training service provider since 2008 and have trained an array of top companies in South Africa including:

Drupal training

  • Junk Mail,
  • Doctors Without Borders,
  • First National Bank,
  • University of Cape Town

Drupal Training

Our courses provide training in all the roles required to run a successful Drupal site.


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Drupal is fast becoming the content management framework of choice for those companies and individuals looking to build robust, secure and extensible websites rapidly. Companies from Sony to Googles M-Lab and individuals from Micheal Jackson to Barack Obama are doing so as well.

What is Drupal?

Drupal - Part 1


Drupal - Part 2


Our Drupal courses take you from beginner to expert!

Drupal may be powerful, but it is also complex. The key is overcoming its steep initial learning curve. At Jumping Bean we offer training courses to assist new and experienced users of Drupal become more proficient with the system.

Our courses run for 2 to 4 days depending on the course selected and are held at our training facilities in Ferndale, Randburg.  Should a company require on site training for a group of employees this can also be arranged by contacting our course administrator.

Structured courses for content editors, system administrators and module developers

Our courses provide comprehensive training in Drupal taking a new user from beginner to expert. Students are not bound to complete one course before moving on to the next but higher level course do require the requisite knowledge that lower level courses cover. We provide training for the three type of Drupal users or roles namely: Obama used Drupal for his recovery.gov website

  • Content editors,

  • System administrators and,

  • Drupal module developers

In some organisations these roles may be assigned to different people or one person may fulfill more than one role. In most cases the system administrator is a power user who is also a content editor. The role of Drupal module developer is usually held by a PHP developer who does not add or edit content directly.